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Tylers Solicitors have helped many people all over the UK with their claim process. Find out how we can help you too by calling us today on 0800 699 0079 and we can guide you through your motorcycle accident claim process..

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Tylers Solicitors deal with a huge number of claim types, from road vehicle accidents to injury at work. You are here because you have been subject to a motorcycle accident and are ready to claim. Call us today to see what advice we can offer you.

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When you have been serving as independent Solicitors for over 9 years, you understand times change, but the law doesn’t. We like to think we are extremely knowledgeable about the claim industry as a core division of our business, we know we can help. Each of our Solicitors has something to offer and in a specialist area of interest. Motorcycles are one of them.

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Our vision is simple,

"To take a positive set of steps towards the well-being of our clients & abide by our act of duty"

We offer a free claim assessment which can be discussed over the phone or at our office. You can visit the links below to find out what help we can offer and how to contact us.

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Expertise & Understanding about your motorcycle accident claim

It doesn’t matter if you have had had your accident in a foreign town of country, an accident is an accident. If you are entitled to claim then we will focus on your case and deal with every possible process that is required. This means your case may need to go to court. Don’t worry, in most case you don’t need to be present. If your claim isn’t eligible for compensation – we will know the answer and therefore we will explain the reasons why.

Motorbike Accidents happen due to causes:

  • Hit & Run Injuries
  • Diesel & oil spills
  • Shed Loads
  • Dazzling headbeams
  • Collisions
  • Public transport accidents

Claim Injuries

Motorbike injuries sadly have a higher rate or long term injuries than any other road user. Although we cannot prevent this, we can prevent you from living uncomfortably or mentally and or physically. Dealing with claims mean we need to magnify every possible detail and look at everything in your claim under scrutiny. This means no matter what part of your recovery process you are in. We will assess what injuries you suffered, how long for and how long your injuries are expect to last. We recognise all injuries and will be assessed by our medical business in partnership if necessary. Recoveries will always a long process, with each person requiring some level of support. Motorbike accidents can cause mostly physical signs as bruising, whiplash, head and spinal injuries.

Rest assured you will receive the upmost professional care from Tylers Solicitors – where we deal with client nationwide. We will keep in contact with you by preference from you. Our motorbike division are specialist road traffic accident claims who have the industry knowledge and tools to reach an outcome.

Tylers Solicitors motorcycle experts are waiting to take your telephone call. Contact us today on 0800 699 0079.

We provide a form in which every client is eligible to fill in whether its a transport ticket or rehabilitation equipment. We aim to reassure motorcyclists that their bike accident will be dealt with and rewarded for every possible cost involved as a result. We have put an itinerary of what you could be awarded for.

  • Motorcycle damages
  • Recurring medical costs
  • Lost of income
  • Travelling costs
  • Specialist Equipment

Choosing Tylers Solicitors as your motorcycle claims expert

We work with a number of business’ who specialise in field’s related rehabilitation and finance. We will put you in touch with our client support team which will be discussed in your first consultation who are to help you access the necessary care you deserve.

We can put you in touch with our client support team who will help you access the necessary care. We can assist with:

  • Immediate care needs
  • Specialist treatment
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Contact Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079